Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner

*photos were taken on my phone so they are extra crummy. Some day I'll use the office camera. :)

As people gather to "celebrate" the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I sit here to write about my families most recent Easter "celebration". Attention all Caby's: Easter lunch has been rescheduled and renamed! This year Easter lunch will be dubbed Easter dinner and the approximate time of mass consumption is 5 PM on Saturday. Approximate because of the usual stragglers, *cough* Ron and Lacey *cough*. Excuse me! Anyway, the 1st Annual Caby Easter Dinner started around 5:30 PM on Saturday, April 11th. The time change came as a benefit for me because I was feeling a little weak after a Friday night of drinking in Lawrence.

1st Annual Caby Easter Dinner set list. A little fuzzy but it
reads: Turkey, ham, (2) hashbrown casserole, (2) corn bread
casserole, baked beans, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and
rolls. There was more on this set list, all of the deserts and other
sides are listed out of the shot.

So I loaded up my plate with turkey, ham, green bean casserole, corn bread casserole, hash brown casserole, beans, and two homemade rolls. There was no surface area left on the entire plate, I had to hold it from the bottom. So, I have to take a time out and tell you about two of these dishes. Corn bread casserole is some sort of funky, sorta gooey corn bread bake with pieces of corn littered through out and some other ingredients I don't know, but it is the perfect soul food side dish. It's so good, you'll have to talk to my sister Erin about it. She's obsessed with it. I think it was her birthday cake last year, or something like that. The other dish is hash brown casserole which I think may be a little more familiar to most people. But for those people who aren't familiar with it, all it is is cubed hash browns and a ton of cheese baked with a corn flake topping. I have had so many different variations of it before but no one makes it as good as my Grandma.

"Hey mister, guess what I had for breakfast? Beans!"

The thing I absolutely love about eating at my Grandma's is the way I eat. I take little portions of EVERYTHING on my plate and eat it all at once. That's right; turkey, ham, green bean casserole, corn bread casserole, hash brown casserole, and beans all on one fork load and into my mouth. Properly followed with a bite of a roll, and washed down with a tall, cool Miller Lite. The second thing I absolutely love about eating at my Grandma's is that I still sit at the kids table, and I don't think I'll ever not want to sit there. I love the kids table. I'm the oldest at 21, Laura is 18, Erin is in 7th grade, Courtney is a sophomore in high school, Cara is in 5th grade, Billy isn't even in kindergarten. Ashley is in like 2nd grade or something? I'm not sure, but she's little. So, I just sit out there with them, stuff my face, and usually crack poop or butt jokes to Billy and he absolutely goes nut! On some occasions the poop or butt joke may only consist of saying, "Ha, poopy butt!". Once Billy cracks up, the rest of the kids start to laugh and choke on their food. It's great. My third and final thing I absolutely love about eating at my Grandma's is seeing all my family and eating in glutenous proportions. Special thoughts go out to my Mom, Austin, and Brandon who couldn't attend the 1st Annual Caby Easter Dinner.

"Better watch your back Fish! Squirrel Master ain't gonna be there
for you all the time. Next time I come for you, I'm gonna want
some cocktail... FRUIT!"

Dad you should try golfing in that aprin, might
give you a couple more yards on your drive.


  1. Easter dinner is one of two meals I dream of throughout the year. Aside from Thanksgiving dinner, Easter is when I find myself with the heaviest plate of the year. I am sure Evan can vouch for me about the quality of the food I am talking about too. I like your strategy for getting a little bit of everything on your plate. My plate this year was completely full (of course) and I had to begin a second tier of food. I love eating until its hard to breath!!

  2. Hahaha! Yeah, Ned! Remember at family dinners and or buffets: eat till your tired, not full. Evan once told me the story of you stealing food off of his plate because, "if it's not in your mouth it's free game." That's a motto to live by.