Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zach's Orange Chicken and Breakfast Tacos

Special two for one entry!

I've been day dreaming of this spicy, sticky Asian chicken dish. Well I didn't day dream any of the ingredients, except for chicken and jasmine rice, so I was off to the store to forage ingredients. I've been curious about hoisin sauce and thought that could be the Asian twang for my sauce. Hoisin sauce has a bit thicker consistancy when compared with ketchup and contains; water, sugar, soybeans, white distilled vinegar, rice, salt, wheat flour, garlic, and red chile peppers. It's pretty good, some people describe it as Asian BBQ sauce. But don't expect it to taste like KC Masterpiece. Of course I had to pick up another bottle of Sriracha, which is Thai hot sauce. It's my favorite hot sauce. So, the Sriracha's heats things up. Now I need something sweet. Orange juice? Sure, why not, that'll be the primary base for the sauce. So, the sauce is ready to go. Grabbed some chicken, an onion, and some shiitake mushrooms to round everything off. I wanted to get a ginger root but didn't want to fork out the money for it. Five bucks and I'd probably only use a tablespoon of it. I'll have to get one sometime because that is a staple in Asian cooking.

To start the cooking just get an olive-oiled pan rolling at medium to medium-high heat. (I would like to point out at this time that the stove I cook on has 5 buttons: warm, low, 3, 2, and high. I'm cooking on 2, so whatever the hell you want to call that on a normal stove top.) Cut up two chicken breasts into bite-size pieces, season (I put salt, pepper, and some onion powder. I have more spices but none of them fit with this recipe. But season it however you want. Some cayenne would've been nice), and throw it in the pan. Brown the chicken and pull it out. Add half of a diced onion and some sliced shiitake's. Cook for maybe a minute, until you see some color. Now these next couple of steps aren't exact at all, so I'm just going to rap it off like it happened. I added some OJ. A couple good gurgles, enough to constitute the base of a sauce. Next I added 1-2 tablespoons of hoisin sauce. Then I squirted in a healthy portion of Sriracha's. I zig-zagged the Sriracha's all the way across the top of the sauce, so there was quite a bit, but I like it really spicy, so add as much heat as you want. I brought this mixture up to a boil and then stirred in a little water mixed with flour. You know, thicken things up a bit. Make a nice sauce! You lika the sauce. So, once that is boiling again throw the chicken back in and let it finish cooking. Serve over jasmine rice. Alright.

It was sort of sweet, and really spicy.

Breakfast tacos. No frills. These would be good for a hangover. Bake off some sausage links. Scramble three eggs, with pepper jack cheese. Heat 2 taco sized tortillas. Put two sausage links on each tortilla, top each tortilla with half of the egg mixture. Drag some of that Sriracha's over top. Yeah, you.

"But Paul, we're having your favorite, breakfast for dinner!"


  1. these blogs rock dude!


  2. Reading your blog makes me laugh because I can hear you talking in my head as I read. When are we cooking together?!? And I love hoisin!

  3. Add a picture of the stove and your kitchen so we can see the place where history is in the making.